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Andy Elson - Providing solutions for your adventure project needs


Adventure project management & delivery

We have a proven record in the management of adventure projects all the way from the concept to the post-project press conference and party. We specialise in high-tech high-altitude projects, designing for low temperatures and low air densities. Our experience and our rigorous approach is transferable to a wide range of projects.


Engineering Projects

We can deliver unusual and complex engineering projects.



We have a range of unusual test facilities, especially our high-altitude test chambers.


Adventure project equipment design and manufacture

We can specify and source, design, manufacture and test specialist equipment to fulfil all of your projectís needs.


A complete solution to all your adventure project needs

Either directly or through our partners we can arrange every aspect of your project. We can undertake equipment selection, design and manufacture. We can write risk assessments, procedures, manuals and other documentation. We can recommend and supply expedition clothing. We can arrange equipment shipping and customs clearances and arrange your expeditionís visas, permits and in-country logistics.


Andy Elson